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Led by lead

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Providing honest & ethical repair services, one vehicle at a time.

We are strategically located just north of the Roosevelt Bridge on US Highway 1 in Stuart, Florida. Here at Led by Lead, we strive to provide the one-on-one attention that the vehicle & owner deserve. We locally owned and operated; our customers are not subject to “big box” store pricing or customer service.

A typical service usually starts with a text message. Yes, our current customers text us regularly and especially when they hear a brand new, unusual noise. We respond with a rough estimate. An appointment is booked. Vehicle is delivered to our shop. We perform the estimated services and offer other suggestions while the vehicle is in the bay. Payment is rendered and vehicle is delivered! No waiting in line or waiting room. No hidden fees or pressure selling. Customer & vehicle care, wrapped in one!

Give us a holler for your automotive needs. You can call, text, email, or simply stop in during business hours.




736 NW Buck Hendry Way
Stuart, Florida 34994


Call/Text (772) 872-1848


Areas of Expertise

Preventative/scheduled maintenance

We perform all aspects pertaining to preventative, schedule, and routine maintenance. Wearable items such as spark plugs, fuel injectors, sensors, fluids, etc. can be easily identified per your manufacturers recommendations and efficiently repaired to limit the downtime of your vehicle.

diagnosis & repairs

We provide free diagnostics with the purchase of the repair. There is no charge to you if we cannot agree with the right course of action for your vehicle. Poor fuel economy, excess fuel consumption, harsh ride quality, lack of performance are just a few things we can work on to get your vehicle back to factory condition.


We can assist with the aftermarket & accessories for your vehicle. We only install parts we stand behind and will not sell you what we deem as sub-par. You have the option of factory accessories to keep it within the manufacturers specifications or access to the plethora of quality aftermarket parts. Items such as wheel & tire packages, lights, suspension modifications, on-board air are just a couple of things we have completed for our clientele.


Led by Lead was founded on the premise to treat everyone in a fair and ethical manner.
— Alex Baksh, Owner


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Shall you decide that we are a great fit to assist you with your vehicle needs and the matter is not time sensitive, please email us and we will contact you as soon as possible. For urgent matters, please give us a call or send a text to our shop phone.

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