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We here at Led by Lead believe in packaging services to save us time and money.


Pennzoil platinum full synthetic oil and filter service

This service includes:

  1. Up to six (6) quarts of Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Oil

  2. Engine Oil Filter

  3. Tire Rotation

  4. Check & Refill Fluids

  5. Inspect Exterior Lights & Wiper Blades

  6. Check & Adjust Tire Pressure

Services starting at $99

Mobil 1 Oil.jpg

express service — “Drain, fill, and go!”

Express services are available by appointment only. Please understand that while drive-ins are welcome, appointments take precedence.

This service is too easy and includes:

  1. Up to five (5) quarts of engine oil

  2. Engine oil filter

  3. Refill washer fluid reservoir

  4. Check & adjust tire pressures

Services starting at $29


Motor Vehicle Heating and air conditioning (mvac)

This service includes:

  1. System inspection

  2. Pressure check

  3. Top off refrigerant

  4. Estimate for repairs (if necessary)

Services starting at $49